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Odd/Even Bet in Football Betting

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Blev medlem: 2023 Feb 13
Uppkopplingsstatus: Frånkopplad
Inlägg: 33
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    Skickat: 2023 Maj 30 kl 09:28
For experienced football bettors at the king betting site , the term "odd/even" is not unfamiliar. This type of bet is popular among many people, but it requires a high level of thinking to win. So what is an odd/even bet? How can you make this type of bet? Let's find out.
I. What is an odd/even bet?
An odd/even bet is a type of wager that determines the outcome based on the final total number of goals scored by both teams, whether it is an odd number or an even number. In this type of bet, "odd" represents 1, 3, 5, 7... while "even" represents 0, 2, 4, 6... Each option has a 50/50 chance of success.
On the bookmakers' odds board, you will notice the following symbols:
E – Even
O – Odd
Due to the 50/50 winning probability, many people prefer this type of betting. In reality, betting on odd/even depends heavily on luck, as not everyone can accurately predict the total number of goals in a match.
Similar to other types of bets, odd/even bets can be placed in the first half and second half of a match. However, since it is a secondary form of betting within a match, odd/even bets will usually appear in the extended betting options offered by bookmakers.
Some other types of odd/even bets that bookmakers commonly offer include:
Odd/Odd: The total number of goals scored by the home team and the away team is odd.
Odd/Even: The total number of goals scored by the home team is odd, while the away team's total is even.
Even/Odd: The total number of goals scored by the home team is even, while the away team's total is odd.
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Even/Even: The total number of goals scored by both the home team and the away team is even.
Odd/Even total yellow cards.
Odd/Even total corner kicks.
Odd/Even total penalty kicks, and so on.
II. How to interpret odd/even bets
First, players need to choose a reputable and safe bookmaker, as each bookmaker will offer different odds.
To help you understand better, let's take an example of a match between Real Madrid and Leganes:
If you bet on an odd/even bet for the entire match: If the total score of both teams at the end of the match is an odd number (e.g., 1 + 2 = 3), you win. If the total score is even, you lose. For example, if you bet 100 points, you will win 98 points.
Similarly, if you bet on an odd/even bet for the first half, and the total score of both teams at the end of the first half is an odd number, you win. If the total score is even, you lose. For example, if you bet 100 points, you will win 100 points, but if you lose, you will only lose 91 points.
III. Effective strategies for odd/even betting
Consider the form of both teams
Players can consider the recent form of both teams or the level of the teams. If both teams are top-tier teams with strong defenses, they are likely to score fewer goals, making it easier to predict odd/even outcomes.
On the other hand, if there is a significant difference in form between the two teams, such as one team being at the top and the other team at the bottom, there is a higher chance of more goals being scored. In such cases, predicting odd/even outcomes becomes more challenging.
Odd/Even bets are secondary bets
Odd/even bets lean more towards luck, so players should not wager a large amount of money on this type of bet. It is advisable to use a small amount of money for odd/even bets and not place them frequently.
Maintain a good mindset
When participating in odd/even or any other type of bet, it is crucial for players to have the right mindset in order to make accurate predictions.
Rely on handicap odds
Players can rely on the handicap odds provided by bookmakers to predict the match score. Based on this score prediction, they can determine whether the total number of goals will be odd or even.
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Other tips for odd/even betting
Minimize placing half-match/full-match odd/even bets, as they are extremely difficult to predict and highly risky.
For matches where the two teams are evenly matched, it is recommended to bet on odd/even for the entire match.
Pay attention to the patterns of all types of bets in football, including odd/even. For example, in a season of 20 matches for a team, there will usually be 9 or 10 odd bets and the remaining matches will be even bets. If you understand this pattern, you will have a higher chance of winning and avoid many risks.
Only wager a certain amount of money and avoid placing too many bets to ensure capital for other matches.
III. Conclusion
Odd/even bets are not overly difficult to predict the outcome of a match, and the winning odds are high, which attracts many participants, especially newcomers to online betting. In addition to the aforementioned tips, there are many other related strategies and experiences in the field of betting that players can refer to at Fun88.

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